Our Mission

Keeping healthcare local and patient-centered by helping independent healthcare providers survive and thrive.

Supporting Washington Providers

For 30 years, Independent Clinics of Washington has helped independent healthcare providers throughout the Puget Sound region build their practices and care for their patients. ICW contracts with and manages Apple Health and Medicare Advantage plans on behalf of providers, and we offer personalized local support to patients and providers.


We remove administrative roadblocks so our providers can focus on what matters most — caring for their patients.

Our History

In 1993 a group of independent clinics, a hospital, and other healthcare providers in Southwest King County’s Highline community came together to create Highline Medical Services Organization, now called Independent Clinics of Washington. Together we were able to negotiate better rates with health plans and streamline access to services, while providing quality care for patients — especially those in underserved communities and those covered under Medicare Advantage and Apple Health.

Over the years, ICW’s footprint has expanded throughout the Puget Sound region. To reflect these changes and our commitment to all our local communities, the organization was re-named Independent Clinics of Washington in 2023.

Contracted Health Plans

ICW contracts with health plans under a full delegation, global risk agreement on behalf of its providers. ICW takes on the responsibility and risk for authorizing and paying needed professional and institutional services – which includes hospital systems and providers outside the ICW network.

ICW contracts with:

  • Wellpoint (formerly Amerigroup), Washington Apple Health (Medicaid)
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, Washington Apple Health (Medicaid)
  • UnitedHealthcare, Washington AARP Medicare Advantage (HMO Plans-only)