Join the ICW Provider Alliance

ICW believes independent providers are good for patients and good for our communities. Our mission is to help independent provider practices offer the highest quality care and stay financially sound. We connect local healthcare providers to collaborate, share resources and knowledge, and help each other grow.

Joining the alliance is easy!

There are no initial or ongoing membership fees to join. Active participants are simply asked to meet with ICW for one hour every quarter and attend the bi-annual Provider Meetings.

To be eligible to join, providers must be:

  1. An independent primary care practice located in Washington state
  2. Contracted with Medicare and Medicaid (or if an existing or forming
    private practice, planning to contract with Medicare and Medicaid)

For more information on joining, please complete the form or call
(206) 724-0872.

Actively Participating in the ICW Alliance

When you join ICW, you enter a collaborative partnership and gain access to a community of like-minded providers. The ICW alliance brings great value to providers who actively engage with ICW. That’s why we encourage all providers to participate beyond the yearly requirements, and make their voice heard!

Required Participation:

  • Meet with ICW for one hour every quarter
  • Attend at least one of the bi-annual Provider Meetings

Leadership Opportunities:

The ICW Board and committees are made up entirely of local providers, and we rely on our alliance of providers for their input, feedback, guidance, and referrals.