The High-Quality Care You Deserve

You have many options when it comes to healthcare providers in Washington state — everything from large national health systems that can dictate how providers deliver care, to independent provider offices that decide for themselves how they offer patient care.

Independent provider clinics have chosen to operate outside larger corporatized medical systems. By staying local and independent, providers are better able to:

Put patient care first, making their patients’ health their top priority.

Spend more time with patients, which can lead to better outcomes.

Refer their patients to the right specialist for their needs, even outside a specific healthcare system.

See patients sooner, with better appointment options.

By choosing an independent clinic, you are helping keep local providers in your community, and empowering yourself to take greater control of your own healthcare experience to receive the high-quality care you deserve.

How Does ICW Help Providers?

ICW gives providers the support they need to survive and thrive, while leaving the decision-making about treatment and care where it belongs: between patient and provider.

When a provider joins the ICW alliance, ICW:

  • Works on behalf of providers and clinics, eliminating the administrative burden on providers to work directly with insurance companies
  • Makes the referrals process easy, with low to no restrictions
  • Advocates for patients, and offers help in navigating the complex health care system
  • Offers no-cost comprehensive care coordination for health issues large and small

Find a Provider

ICW providers are located throughout Puget Sound communities.

Community Health Coordinators

ICW Community Health Coordinators provide in-depth case management services to help patients of ICW providers manage both simple and complex health issues – all at no cost. ICW personalized care is designed to provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to help manage your care, understand and navigate the healthcare system, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

ICW Community Health Coordinators will help streamline communication and information exchange between you, your provider, and other health services staff to ensure positive outcomes and improved coordination. While every patient and health situation is unique, ICW offers a variety of support and coordination services, including:

  • Hospital discharge/emergency department support

  • Transportation services

  • Stages of care support, including nursing facilities, home health, in-home services

  • Guidance with Social Security Disability

  • Connection to durable medical equipment

  • Referral to mental health resources near you

  • Navigating insurance and financial concerns

  • Community resources

  • Housing and food assistance

  • And more!