The Benefits of an ICW Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage (also known as Medicare Part C) covers the same services as Medicare Part A and B – hospital coverage and comprehensive medical insurance – often with added benefits. It’s important for patients to compare available Medicare Advantage plans as they vary on coverage, cost, and benefits. But with a variety of choices there is sure to be a plan that meets your specific healthcare needs and covers your providers in-network.

ICW Medicare Advantage Plans

To best meet your healthcare needs, ICW offers patients of ICW Providers four Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. All are with UnitedHealthCare and are HMO plans that operate more like a PPO, under ICW, with no specialty referral requirements. All four of the plans also include Part D, prescription drug coverage

The Benefits of Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan with ICW

  • Access to the health plan’s network with no to low referral authorization requirements
  • Peace of mind knowing your provider is part of an organization that puts patients and providers first so you can receive the highest quality care
  • Greater coverage for services such as dental, vision, hearing, and prescription drugs
  • Fitness program gives you free access to local gyms
  • Lower costs with the protection of set co-pays and an annual out-of-pocket maximum
  • Local advocates for you and your provider – ICW staff are here to support our providers and their patients by reducing administrative burdens in healthcare

To speak to an ICW Medicare Representative about joining an ICW Medicare Advantage plan, please call: (206) 878-1985, ext. 246 or email

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